History of Bryant & Stratton College

Over 160 Years of Learning

Bryant & Stratton College was founded over 160 years ago to provide practical workplace education. The requirements of the workplace have continuously evolved since our founding and, as we transition from the industrial to the information age, the evolution has accelerated. Keeping abreast of these contemporary needs requires the college to continuously revise and enhance curriculum, modify outcomes, and embrace or develop new teaching and learning methodologies.

For well over a century, Bryant & Stratton College’s fundamental mission has been to provide individuals with skills that are immediately transferable to the workplace and to help them develop in their careers. From Dr. J. C. Bryant's Business Practice "learning lab" of the 1850's to the Active Learning of today, and from early correspondence courses conducted via mail to online education and training conducted via the Internet, Bryant & Stratton College has evolved into an educational institution poised for the 21st century, committed to the same principles set forth by its founders.

While the words in the College's mission have changed over the years, the fundamentals have remained constant: Bryant & Stratton College is dedicated to career education. Today's student is prepared not only for a career upon graduation, but also for a continuum of career-focused learning.


A Look at the Past

    Bryant & Stratton College's founders (from left to right):
    H.B. Bryant, H.D. Stratton, and J.C. Bryant

Original Buffalo downtown location - 1854   

  Two early Bryant & Stratton textbooks - 1891 and 1878

Early 1900's - Theoretical and Intermediate Bookkeeping class   

  1921 Buffalo, New York location

1970's students milling in front of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin campus   

  1973 established a new campus in downtown Rochester, New York

A 1960's graduation ceremony   

  One of Bryant & Stratton's oldest diplomas - from 1866

Early diplomas from 1856 and 1930