Online High School Program

It’s easy to finish high school with the Bryant & Stratton College & Penn Foster High School Program

At Bryant & Stratton College, we believe that everyone should have access to the education they need to get ahead in today’s economic environment. That’s why we partnered with regionally accredited Penn Foster High School to help you take that first step toward completing your high school education. Finishing High School can be a way to having a better life and a better career. This unique partnership allows you to work at your own pace, using our campus based resources and personnel.

How it works

You enroll in the Penn Foster High School program at the Bryant & Stratton College campus-at no cost to you. You have access to the College’s computer equipment and campus resources to complete your work. The College provides a classroom facilitator and point person who is your guide through the process. This person helps assess how you’re doing and offers support throughout the program. When you graduate from Penn Foster’s career-focused high school program you have a high school credential that may help you get a better job, have a lower lifetime unemployment rate and even further your education at the college level. For more information, Click Here


Applicants must have completed at least 10 High School Credits to be eligible for the program. To Apply, Click Here.


This program is only available through our Cleveland, OH Campus, Richmond, VA Campus, Milwaukee, WI campus, Albany, NY campus, and Henrietta Campus near Rochester NY.

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  4. Application into the Penn Foster Online High School program through Bryant & Stratton College is not an application for Bryant & Stratton College. When you complete your Online High School diploma program, if you wish to continue to earn your college degree you will need to follow the enrollment process for the College you wish to attend including Bryant & Stratton College.
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Students applying for admission to Online High School at Penn Foster through Bryant & Stratton College are required to sign this application. Below:
I understand that by signing this application, I agree to the terms and conditions of the Online High School Program. I further agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Bryant & Stratton College campus I am attending regarding on-campus behavior, dress, parking and posted signage. Failure to comply with campus rules and regulations may result in my dismissal from the campus based program. I understand that I must adhere to the College’s Standards of Academic Progress and Attendance requirements for the program and that cheating is grounds for dismissal. Additionally, if I fail to continue pursuing the program in accordance with the College’s Standard of Academic Progress for the program, I understand that I will be withdrawn from the program.

I further understand that at this time, the states of NY, OH, WI and VA do not recognize the Penn Foster High School Diploma as the equivalent to a high school diploma and that I am entering into this program as way to continue my education beyond high school. There is no obligation to enroll at Bryant & Stratton College for my higher education but understand that Bryant & Stratton College is paying the fee for my attendance at Penn Foster.
By filling out this form and clicking “Submit” I authorize Bryant & Stratton College representatives to use my information to contact me about Bryant & Stratton College’s education programs and services by a variety of methods including text messages and telephone calls (live or prerecorded, manually or automatically dialed) to any landline or wireless telephone number I provide. I understand that this consent is not required to purchase goods or services. I also agree that any calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.