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The Financial Support Services degree program prepares graduates to perform a variety of customer services in banks, insurance agencies and saving and loan companies processing financial transactions and generating reports. This program is designed to teach our students these essential workplace skills through a combination of financial services and liberal arts courses.

Students will learn how to calculate complex mathematical equations, complete fundamental accounting transactions, conduct themselves in an appropriately ethical manner and adhere to current legal regulations that are necessary to succeed in the financial services industry. The liberal arts courses will focus on verbal, quantitative and lifelong learning competencies that will prepare graduates to develop strategies to meet both their personal and professional goals.

Students will have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and apply their skills through a combination of coursework and reflection. Career job titles may include finance service representative, customer service representative, billing and posting clerk, brokerage clerk, loan processor, and banking specialist.
Skills You'll Learn
1 Process financial transactions and generate reports that support client needs.
2 Judge appropriate ethical behaviors that follow the laws and regulations applicable to the financial services industry.
3 Solve complex mathematical equations including time value of money.
4 Select and support client relationships that will sustain business and yield long term remuneration.
5 Formulate useful solutions to clients' financial and business related needs.
6 Employ information literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information resources to accomplish a goal.
7 Follow established, habitual, and scientific methods to create opportunities for growth and increase critical awareness of one's responsibilities as a contributor to society.
8 Develop thinking processes and utilize learning strategies to understand their metacognitive abilities.
9 Transfer knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations as evidence of relational learning.
10 Demonstrate proficient mathematical and communication (written and oral) skills as required in the workplace.
Financial Services
Jobs in Financial Support Services
Insurance Sales Agent Credit Counselors
Financial Service Sales Financial Managers, Branch or Department
Financial Analyst Sales Agents, Financial Services
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