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The Information Technology with a focus on Mobile Applications Development program will provide instruction in Android programming, Java programming, and database fundamentals. Students will learn how to develop, write and test mobile applications, collect and track information about application usage, optimize application performance, manage external devices, work with cloud-based storage, and learn how to submit a mobile application to Google Play (the Android Market). Graduates of the program will be able to write and develop software programs for mobile applications using languages related to contemporary Smart phones and tablets on the market and produce training programs through applications in simulation. The IT-Mobile Applications Development associate degree program will produce graduates who are prepared for entry-level positions with software development companies, business environments and corporate training development organizations.

Skills You'll Learn
1 Develop, write and test mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and wireless systems.
2 Write, compile and debug programs using object-oriented programming techniques.
3 Design and create relational databases for business, Internet and wireless environments.
4 Optimize and manage application performance and use mobile advertising networks.
5 Use computer technology and networks to communicate globally for a variety of information and business purposes.
6 Android programming, Java programming language, object-oriented programming, database programming fundamentals (MySQL)
Information Technology
Jobs for Mobile Applications Development
Virtual Secretary IT Support
Business Developer Associate Loan Administrator
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