AAS Office Management

Related Occupation SOC* Code and Website Link
Executive Secretaries and Administrative 43-6011.00
Secretaries, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive 43-6014.00

CIP: 52.0401
Tuition & Fees: $32,100.00
Room & Board: $0.00
Books & Supplies: $4,300.00

On-Time Completion Rate: 51%
Normal Time to complete program: 2 Years
Median Title IV Debt***: $22,796.00
Median Private Debt: $0
Median Institutional Debt: $0

Placement Rate: N/A

*Standard Occupational Code
**completed using Sept 2012 tuition rate. Completing program within normal time. Two years used for AAS, 2.5 years used for Nursing degrees, and 4 years for BBA/BS.
*** On-Time Completion Rate and and Median Debt calculated for graduates during the 2011-2012 Award Year