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Our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Security Technology program offers students a foundation of class work and practical experience with business systems, security procedures and the latest security technology through virtual environments called vLabs. Students will discover how secure information systems support an organization’s success, as well as the technologies that comprise network infrastructures and securely deliver data and mission-critical business information to networked users.

After developing a foundational understanding of technology systems, students will gain practical experience with the equipment and procedures that today’s technology professionals use to protect business systems and assets. Students will learn how to assess a business for risk, develop effective security policies and procedures, respond to incidents and recover from disasters. Students will also learn about hardware security, secure servers, network operating systems and general systems knowledge. Security + Certification strongly suggested to assist with employment.

Skills You'll Learn
1 Analyze real-life business scenarios to identify potential risks to the business and its assets.
2 Assemble effective security policies, audits, logging procedures, incident response steps, business continuation procedures and disaster recovery plans based on business security analysis.
3 Develop thinking processes and learning strategies that enhance metacognitive abilities.
4 Develop working knowledge of information security issues including data security, network security and common attacks.
5 Employ effective oral and written communication skills.
6 Identify the various components in a typical business network: hubs, routers, servers, etc.
7 Identify the major features of commonly used network operating systems.
8 Understand the business fundamentals that drive global businesses.
IT Security
Jobs in Security Technology
Help Desk Support Help Desk
Computer System Analyst Security Administrator
Database System Adminstrator Technician
Source: O*Net
Security Technology
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