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Information Technology

(IT) drives most businesses, and you could put yourself in the driver’s seat with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Information Technology.  This program provides you with the IT and business skills you need to manage knowledge workers in today’s Information Age.  You’ll learn about the latest IT technology, trends and terms as well as the foundational business skills needed to manage a team of IT workers: problem-solving, strategy & project planning, interpersonal communication, operational demands, security issues and more. Through exposure to active learning techniques, practical application of research methods, team projects, presentations and internships, students will be prepared for the challenges of a management role and equipped for a life of continued learning.

Skills You'll Learn
1 Apply contemporary knowledge and skill sets to work effectively in the business community.
2 Demonstrate sensitivity and appreciation for ethical issues in the workplace.
3 Develop the cognitive processes and learning strategies to succeed in a constantly changing technology environment.
4 Display a working knowledge of strategic business applications, evaluation techniques, management processes and the role that business plays in a global economy.
5 Employ IT literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information resources in project-specific tasks.
6 Gain a solid understanding of world affairs, arts & humanities and the social sciences as well as technology issues.
7 Gain a solid understanding of world affairs, arts & humanities and the social sciences as well as technology issues.
8 Provide evidence of relational learning by transferring knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations.
Information Technology
Jobs in Information Technology
Computer System Analyst Communications Receptionist
Network Technology Degree Program IT Consultant
Desktop Publisher Software Engineer II
Source: O*Net
Information Technology
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