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This program of study is designed to prepare students for administrative, support, and supervisory positions in business or industrial settings, professional offices, public institutions, and government agencies. Students will become proficient in state of the art technology and equipment,workplace procedures and management, document processing and design, communication skills and decision making. Students will gain an understanding of the impact of technology on office routines and procedures and the skills necessary to utilize technology to become efficient employees that assume leadership roles within the chosen career field. This program combines a well-balanced academic program with expert administrative and computer instruction to give students the diversified educational training and background needed to hold positions of responsibility and importance in many areas of the business world. Courses such as 21st Century Office Procedures, Mobile Communication Management, Social Networking Management and more will help you become a value part of today’s business team.

Skills You'll Learn
1 Demonstrate and assess the utilization of current technologies in the management of the virtual workplace and/or business environment.
2 Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of key business processes including financial, managerial, marketing and human resource functions as it relates to the global economy.
3 Demonstrate higher-level office administration, managerial, organizational, interpersonal and technical skills required to successfully create, and assess the implementation of required office procedures.
4 Demonstrate an advanced level of competence in computer technology applications, hand-held devices, and the use of the internet to access, evaluate and recommend efficient means to complete high-level managerial administrative and organizational tasks.
5 Demonstrate ability to utilize current business related technologies and internet resources to identify creative solutions and alternatives to improve professional managerial productivity.
Office Management
Jobs in Virtual Office
Virtual Business Specialist First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
Virtual Executive Assistant Administrative Services Managers
Administrative Service Manager Compliance Managers
Source: O*Net
Office Information Technology Management
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