Paralegal Certificate Program
Domestic Law Paralegal
Make Your Case for a Rewarding Career

This combination of six collegiate-level paralegal studies courses will give you a comprehensive education in legal research and writing and will arm you with the nuts and bolts of Domestic Relations law. You will learn about the life of a lawsuit in your Civil Litigation class and even will be called upon to draft a number of pleadings and motions. Using Legal Research & Writing I and II students will be researching, working up and taking steps to defend a mock civil lawsuit. In Contract Law you will be placed into a hypothetical law office setting in which you are called upon to evaluate a client scenario concerning the creation of an employment contract and implications of e-contracts in the marketplace. This package will round out your introduction to the world of domestic laws by familiarizing you with the laws involving domestic relationships, with emphasis on marriage, marital dissolutions, property division and distribution, custody, child support, paternity and other legal issues affecting domestic partners and children.

1 Intro to Legal Studies
2 Contract Law
3 Legal Research & Writing I
4 Domestic Relations
5 Legal Research & Writing II
6 Civil Litigation
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