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Justice & Security Services Diploma

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Upon completion of the diploma in Justice & Security Services, graduates will have gained a broad comprehension of the justice system. This program includes the study of the United States court systems, correctional organizations, law enforcement agencies, and both public and private security venues. Students will be provided with a survey of the skills and abilities necessary to adapt to the changing technology tools that are growing in use across the justice field such as digital crime, forensics and crime scene investigation.

Skills You'll Learn
1 Adapt and apply information technology knowledge, skills and abilities to justice applications
2 Distinguish job functions and responsibilities of both public and private agencies serving the justice sectors
3 Identify and characterize the origins and components that comprise the justice system at the federal, state, and local level
4 Prepare and evaluate reports, memos, and other documents to meet the professional standards of the justice system or private security field
5 Recognize safety and security issues such as threat awareness, safety procedures, and the basic equipment used to secure suspects or prisoners
6 Adapt essential communication skills to interact effectively with supervisors, peers, and the public in the various justice professional settings
7 Utilize effective problem solving skills to critically evaluate work place scenarios encountered in the justice profession and assess ethical response
Paralegal Studies
Justice & Security Services
Security Guard Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
Security Guard Security Guards
Border Control Guard Transportation Security Screeners
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