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Employability Series

Helping our students and other job seekers develop employability skills is critical to the mission of Bryant & Stratton College Online.

Being a viable candidate in today’s job market takes an understanding of what employers want, a firm grasp on how to present your skills and access to quality career resources. The Bryant & Stratton College Employability Series, is an ongoing effort dedicated to helping students become career-ready upon graduation. By focusing on the development of employable skills, the College purposefully helps students develop technical, industry-specific knowledge as well as soft skills.

No matter what field you are in - business, healthcare, criminal justice, or graphic design - career readiness will be at the very core of your educational career with us. Through your curriculum and online events, we will provide training and education you will need to be successful in your careers. 

Real life experience is such an important part of learning. That's why part of your curriculum is dedicated to just that, from the career management seminar, capstone project, resume and portfolio creation to interview preparation. 

Our career information webinar series is a tremendous resource for students and topics range from resume and cover letter writing, job interviews, using LinkedIn, managing your online reputation and negotiating your salary just to name a few.