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Former Students

Sometimes Life's Responsibilities Take Priority

We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of your education or you just need a break. But we also want you to know that at anytime, you are able to start your education again. You can continue with your degree or even begin working on a different one. Setup a time to speak wit us today and figure out how you can continue your education and achieve the career you've always wanted.

4 Reasons Why People Come Back

  • Money  - We will help you figure out all of your financial aid options to help fund your education
  • Family Issues - Family comes first. We're here when you are ready to return to school to finish your degree and help serve your family financially.
  • Schedule Conflicts - Online classes allow you to work at times that work best for you. With 24/7 tutoring and support, we can always help, no matter what time it is.
  • Dislike Major - Make a switch. Choose from the many associate, bachelor and certificate degrees. Some of your existing credits could transfer and you'll be that much closer to graduation.