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Health Services

Health Services Administration Program
Health Services Administration
Associate of Applied Sciences

The growing healthcare field has built demand in roles that deal with patient care and the business and administrative side of hospital and other healthcare settings. A degree in Health Services Administration prepares students to begin a career in the medical field.

  • Learn the necessary managerial and financial skills to effectively work in administrative and managerial roles in clinical settings.
  • Understand the relationship of health and human service organizations and the knowledge required to succeed in each.
  • Develop the ability to apply analytical and behavioral tools in managerial settings.
Doctors, nurses, medical assistants and other careers that deal directly with patient care are vital parts of the medical field. However, just as important are the individuals who serve in administrative and managerial roles within the field.

Supervisory positions that oversee duties that include controlling finances and payroll, staff hiring and management, administrative coordination (such as ordering supplies and materials) and other managerial activities are the type of jobs and careers that an associate’s degree in Health Services Administration prepares you for. The degree not only prepares graduates to apply for positions within a hospital setting, but also jobs and careers with private practices, long term care facilities, health and insurance providers along with other non-clinical positions that are available within the field.


This degree places a focus on healthcare related studies along with other vital skills in the managerial and business setting. This ensures that graduates possess a foundation in both vitally important subjects upon graduation.  


The Health Services Administration associate’s degree also allows students to transfer credits into the bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration upon completion of the associate’s degree.

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