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Information Technology with a Focus on Mobile Application Development

Information Technology
Mobile Applications Development
Associate of Applied Science

Our world can no longer survive without smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices. We use them for everything from finding directions and playing games to closing business deals. You name it, there’s an app for that. Our growing dependence on mobile technology has created a real need for creative, forward-thinking professionals who can help optimize primal applications, from writing and testing them to collecting and analyzing data on their usage.

Our online mobile app development degree will provide instruction in some of the most widely used programs Android and Java, plus teach you the following types of skills:
  • Learn how to submit a mobile application to Google Play (the Android Market)
  • Database fundamentals
  • Develop software programs for mobile applications using languages
    related to popular smartphones and tablets on the market and produce
    training programs through applications in simulation.
  • Learn how to develop, write and test mobile applications usage, optimize application performance, manage external devices and work with cloud-based storage
You will also develop a portfolio that demonstrates your acquired knowledge and academic accomplishments throughout your program. A road map to educational and long-term success, it’s also an excellent way to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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