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Paralegal Studies Degree Program
Paralegal Studies
Associate of Applied Science

Ever think about a career in the legal field? The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from Bryant & Stratton College can help you meet your career goals. Join the legal field by becoming a vital part of a legal team managing criminal cases, conducting legal research, drafting legal documents and providing support to attorneys.

Our online paralegal program will teach students how to research cases, prepare documents, and interact with clients. Courses will emphasizes the ethical considerations for legal professionals as prescribed by the American Bar Association and the National Federation for Paralegal Associates. Paralegals work in law firms, business corporations, and government agencies. Paralegals may perform substantive legal work, except for that which is prohibited by law. Completion of the Paralegal Studies Program does not allow the non-lawyer graduate to practice law.  

Bryant & Stratton College offers both a degree and certificate online paralegal program.

Program Topics include:

  • Legal process
  • Court structure
  • Interviewing and investigation
  • Document preparation
  • Correspondence
  • Writing and analysis
  • Research skills
  • Use of LexisNexis 
  • Substantive topics of laws, torts, contracts, civil procedures, family law

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