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Business Administration

General Management Degree Program
Bachelor of Business Administration in General Management

Managers are the hub of the wheel of business, holding together the components that keep a company running smoothly.


Management positions require strong problem solving abilities, strategic decision-making, organization and planning, knowledge of communication and marketing principles, interpersonal skills and a command of the latest technology. In the Bachelor’s of Business in General Management degree students will provide training and knowledge in all these areas. Active learning techniques, practical application of research methods, principles of good teamwork and presentations are also core components of courses in the degree program.

To increase their employment marketability, students can select a specialization to accompany their BBA in General Management degree. Specializations include:

  • eCommerce Specialization – eCommerce courses focus on strategy and management, business models, social impact of the media, web design tools, design principles, social networking, web 2.0 tools, technology infrastructure and more. Students who choose the ecommerce specialization prepare for entry-level positions in the rapidly growing eCommerce and Internet Marketing industries.  

  • Human Resources Specialization - Courses for this specialization include Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, and Employment Law. Through the courses, the students will examine and discuss human resources management, recruitment and training, employee rights, career management and development, compensation structure and design, benefits programs, unions and collective bargaining, contract administration, labor relations and hiring and termination.

  • Marketing Specialization – Through the Marketing specialization students prepare for entry-level marketing positions. Courses will focus on buying and selecting media, advertising agencies, sales, product and promotion strategy, negotiating, developing marketing and sales plans, managing marketing and sales teams, proposal writing, direct marketing, distribution channels, international marketing and the value of customer relationships. 

  • Project Management Specialization – Project Management courses include Introduction to Project Management, Project Procurement Management, Project Risk Management, Project Scheduling & Cost Management and Project Management. These courses focus on project planning, contract administration, risk management, project estimating and cost control and project management software.

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