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RN to BSN Program
Bachelor of Science

The demand for BSN prepared nurses is extremely high in today's healthcare landscape. Through our RN to BSN program, we expand the knowledge and skills of registered nurses (RNs) to help them further develop their skills and abilities, enhance their leadership experience and give them the tools they need to be successful in the ever-changing health care field.


The RN to BSN Program is designed to develop professional nurses to meet the changing needs of patients in communities locally, state-wide, and throughout the country.  

  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Provide individualized care for multiple levels of patients
  • Adopt skills for comprehensive, safe and diverse care
  • Specific focus on geriatric care and aging populations

We prepare students to provide comprehensive care for patients that need all levels of care and provide training on dealing with patients from all cultural backgrounds.  Earning a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Bryant & Stratton College Online will prepare students to prepare in the field of nursing.


Enrollment Checklist

There are specific requirements that a student must meet in order to enroll in this program. The requirements are centered on previous education in Nursing to ensure that applicants have the proper credentials to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field.

  • Students are required to have a valid RN License issued by their state's Board of Nursing
  • Prospective students need to have completed an associate’s degree or diploma program in Nursing.
  • Students must have passed their RN-NCLEX exam

Student Consumer Information for this Program