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A College That Revolves Around Your Schedule

The online degree programs at Bryant & Stratton College are designed to revolve around your schedule in order to ensure you can maximize the time you have to complete coursework. Our students are never required to log into their classroom at a specific time during the day. This means that whether you work during the day or overnight, you won’t need to worry about being in front of your computer at a specific time to participate in class. While all of our classes do have specific due dates for assignments, students have the freedom to follow a schedule that works best for them.

It is our mission to provide all students with a flexible online class schedule which allows for 24/7 access to lectures, assignments and discussions. The diagram below illustrates what a typical day might look like for a student juggling school, work and childcare.



You can learn more about the online class schedule at Bryant & Stratton College Online by requesting additional information by clicking here.