Amber and Mike
"A lot of doors were closing on me. Luckily, Mike's door was always open."

As a busy single mom with a full-time
job that was going nowhere, Amber needed to learn how to juggle as much as she needed to learn a new career.
At Bryant & Stratton College, we understand busy lives, and know how
to help you manage work, family,
AND school.
Just like we did for Amber.

Amber Schipano & Mike Markou

Amber knew she didn’t want to work at a hair salon forever.

The pay was okay and the schedule was flexible, which helped Amber juggle her busy life and spend time with her young son, but it wasn’t her dream job. She had always dreamt about a career in law enforcement but once she had her son people told her that would be one dream she’d never pursue. Amber began looking into colleges and quickly decided she would prove everyone wrong and get her degree in criminal justice to have the career she’d always wanted.

Mike became an instant mentor to Amber.

Amber met Mike, the Associate Dean at Bryant & Stratton College’s Albany campus, during Amber’s first semester. Their personalities immediately clicked and they quickly developed a friendship. Amber was very candid with Mike about her personal situation and what she was hoping to achieve with a college degree.

Mike and Amber got into a routine and began meeting at the beginning of each semester. Amber would sit down and say "this is my schedule, this is what I can dedicate to school and these are the classes I want to take." And Mike would say "Let’s find a way to make this happen!" Together they would plan out the semester and anticipate any stressful situations that might arise, in the hopes of avoiding them all together. Mike was Amber’s foundation and kept her grounded while she worked, went to school and cared for her son. Together they worked towards Amber’s lifelong dream.

Happy Endings

Amber will soon graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice.

She still turns to Mike for advice and knows their bond will remain, even once she enters the workforce.