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"Bill gave me a chance. Not just in the classroom, but in the boardroom."

Real life experience is such an important part of learning. That became pretty
clear to Chris Perry as he stood presenting his packaging design ideas
to the marketing team at a local

Chris Perry & Bill DeForest

It took Chris 20 years to select a college.

Chris made sure to research Bryant & Stratton College thoroughly. He looked at a variety of colleges and weighed all of his options carefully. After all, this was a very big decision for him and his family. Chris would be leaving the world of sales, which he had spent the last twenty years in, to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. He had always wanted to get his degree and shift careers but his priorities had been focused on providing for his family and their future, but now the time was right.

Bill recognized Chris’s design talent in the classroom and knew they’d make a great team outside too.

Bill DeForest had Chris in several of the Graphic Design classes that he taught. They immediately formed a bond and Bill saw impressive skills in Chris. In addition to teaching, Bill worked as a freelancer on a variety of different projects. One project in particular came up and Bill had the option to bring in a team to work with him. He instantly thought of Chris. Chris was a craftsman with details and never left anything out. Bill knew he was more of a big-idea type of guy so paired with Chris the two would be unstoppable. They worked on the project, a consumer packaging rebrand, from start to finish and their partnership and friendship grew throughout the process.

For 16 months, Bill led Chris through a challenging and thought-provoking process.

Chris was a hard–working perfectionist. Sometimes his drive to be perfect would lead to frustration with his work. Bill was sure to mentor him through these times and always remind him that "in learning, there is no bad." In the classroom Bill was always Chris’s teacher but outside they were colleagues, buddies, and even mentors to one another. They formed a bond that will last throughout their exciting careers.

Happy Endings

Chris graduated from Bryant & Stratton College as a graphic design major.

Chris and Bill have collaborated on many design projects and show no signs of slowing down.