Christine and Cecelia
"Kristine and I still love talking about my career, and I graduated a year ago."

At Bryant & Stratton College, we believe that learning doesn't stop when you get your degree. We taught Cecilia that, and even though she has a great job as a paralegal, she and Kristine continue to plan her growing future in law.

Kristine Perkins & Cecelia Grenga

Finding a paid internship is hard enough, let alone when you’re several months pregnant. 

That’s exactly what Cecilia was attempting to do. She began working with the Career Services department to help her search and ended up meeting Kristine. Kristine dedicated her time to finding Cecilia opportunities and preparing her for every interview. Kristine was always honest with Cecilia and explained that finding a paid internship, while pregnant, may be a near impossible task- but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to continue to work towards her goal.

One day Kristine found a paid government internship that was a perfect fit for Cecilia’s paralegal major. They worked together to prepare for the interview and to make sure that Cecilia would impress them so much that her pregnancy wouldn’t even be considered an issue.

Their hard work paid off. Cecilia earned that paid internship.

Kristine and Cecilia celebrated Cecilia’s amazing achievement and then quickly got back to work. Kristine helped Cecilia put together a plan so she would be able to juggle her new job, finish school and have a baby. Cecilia had to balance everything while simultaneously working toward turning her internship into a full time career post college - not an easy fete.

By now, Kristine had become just as invested in Cecilia’s career as Cecelia herself.

Kristine helped to coach Cecilia through finishing her degree and completing all of the necessary work when her internship turned into the full time job offer she had been hoping for. Cecilia was beyond ecstatic that the pieces of her puzzle were falling into place, and she knew she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help and support of Kristine.

Happy Endings

Cecelia’s government internship led into a full time position as a Case Technician in the Hearings Office. She now has a great career and job security so she can provide for her son.

Cecelia and Kristine remain close to this day.

She’s convinced some friends to enroll at Bryant & Stratton College so they can have the same wonderful experience she did.