Diane and Brian
"In my first job interview, there wasn't a single question that Brian hadn't asked me five times already."

Even though Brian Logan doesn't work in Career Services, he still went the extra mile to help prepare Diane for her first big interview. It must have paid off, because now Diane is working at the law firm she always wanted to.

Diane Amada & Brian Logan

Ever since she could remember, Diane wanted to work in legal field.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned. Diane had spent her career thus far working in the restaurant industry. After 10 years, in an industry she wasn’t in love with, Diane decided to make the big change and finally pursue her dream.

She knew it was time to get back on track, get her degree and starting working on her career. She enrolled in Bryant & Stratton College in Albany and started to work toward her paralegal degree.

Brian taught the majority of Diane’s legal courses her first semester.

Brian was so impressed with Diane’s determination and work ethic from the get-go that he hired her to do a work study with him. This was especially helpful to Diane who feared that her lack of office experience and knowledge would hinder her job search capabilities. She spent a lot of her time collaborating on projects with Brian and in no time she was a pro at filing paperwork, understanding documentation, and discussing the legal system.

Diane didn’t just work for Brian and sit through his classes - he became her mentor. She felt so lucky to have met such an influential instructor, especially one that was in the field she wanted to be in. She asked Brian all sorts of questions and for valuable pointers.

As Diane prepared for graduation, she began meeting with career services. They set her up with an interview at a local law firm. Diane immediately turned to Brian to help her prepare for the interview of a lifetime. They reviewed her resume, practiced how she’d answer questions and discussed general interview etiquette.

Brian worked to prepare Diane for the interview until she had all the confidence she needed.

Brian made sure that Diane was more than ready for the interview. There was no doubt in his mind that she wouldn’t be the front runner for the position. Sure enough, Diane was called back for a second interview almost instantly and shortly after that received the job offer.

Happy Endings

Diane has graduated from Bryant & Stratton College with a degree in Paralegal Studies. 

She’s been employed with her law firm ever since.

Diane is still a familiar face around the halls of Bryant & Stratton College. She keeps in touch regularly with Brian, who continues to be a mentor and friend to her.