Heather and Ross
"I got a degree in Business with a minor in confidence and self esteem."

You won't see confidence and self esteem on our course listings, but
that's just what you get when
you're a student at Bryant &
College. Heather used to question her abilities, but thanks to
the support and encouragement of
great teachers like "Dr. T", Heather
now believes she has what it takes to
be successful.

Heather Lovell & Ross Thomson

Heather knew it would take a college education to turn her life around, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

Heather had tried college before. She felt lost and confused there on her own. With so many students, Heather struggled with getting the answers and guidance she felt that she needed. She felt frustrated and alone and she eventually dropped out.

On her first day at Bryant & Stratton College, Dr Thomson was immediately impressed by the aura she gave off in the classroom and her positive attitude. The two quickly bonded, and Dr. Thomson became the mentor that Heather needed to guide her through her degree. When she hit hard times, Dr. Thomson stuck by her and offered support and guidance that surpassed his role as her teacher, and was more on par with being her friend.

She thought about dropping out twice—and twice Dr. Thomson convinced her to stay.

He gave her a chance, when nobody else would and he saw the true talent and skills in her that she didn’t even see in herself. Heather was constantly surprised by the respect and faith that Dr. Thomson showed her. He made sure she stayed on track and never felt lost or confused in the program.

She knew for her own sake she needed to work hard, but not letting Dr. Thomson down was added incentive.

Other students began to admire Heather’s hard work and positive attitude. As Heather began to worry less about herself, she turned her energy to helping her classmates. At one point, one of Heather’s friends was having difficulty with her resume. Heather reworked it the best she could, and brought it to Dr. Thomson for a little extra help. Her college career had come full circle: the student who used to be lost on her own was now pulling her classmates along. She was successful at achieving her dream, with a little extra support from Dr. Thomson- who not only taught her, but believed in her too.

Happy Endings
After graduating Heather received a job with Bryant & Stratton College in the Financial Aid department at the Albany campus. She’s making her career about helping others, just like Dr. Thomson did for her.