Josh and Marisa
"Josh may work in Career Services. But I think he should be promoted to Guardian Angel."

Turning your whole life around can
be a challenge. That's why it's
important to surround yourself
with people that care. And that's
why we hire people like Josh,
who pride themselves on
helping you make it.

Josh Figueroa & Marisa Trapasso

The semester leading up to graduation can be exciting and challenging.

For most students, the final semester is a culmination of finishing their degree, searching for a job and the excitement of starting a new life. For Marisa, it was a bit different. She had some personal events out of school that were jeopardizing the completion of her degree. She ended up missing school for weeks at a time during her last few semesters.

Josh met Marisa six months before graduation and saw her current struggle.

The career services advisor was worried that Marisa would drop out under the stress from her personal life. Josh knew he couldn’t let that happen. Marisa was so smart, with a 3.6 GPA, had an impressive resume and had worked so hard for her Criminal Justice degree. He knew he’d have to dedicate a little more time than usual to Marisa.

Josh was able to line up a lot of interviews for Marisa. She ended up receiving several offers but declined them because they either didn’t pay enough or the commute was too far. Marisa was beginning to become frustrated, but Josh wasn’t.

Josh never for one second let Marisa think that she wouldn’t land her dream job.

Throughout the entire semester Josh worked hard. He wanted Marisa to focus on finishing up her classes while he worked on figuring out her future. As it turned out, the opportunity of a lifetime was just around the corner. Josh landed Marisa an interview with Hannaford Supermarkets where she received a job in their loss-prevention department. This was the job that Marisa was waiting for, the whole reason she had gotten her degree in Criminal Justice. Josh helped push Marisa over the finish line with the perfect job and her degree in hand.

Happy Endings

Marisa is thankful to this day that Josh never gave up on her.

Marisa earned her degree in Criminal Justice from Bryant & Stratton College.

She landed her dream job at Hannaford Supermarket working in the loss-prevention department.