Kylee and Jennifer

"I knew Kylee cared when she offered to help my brother with his financial aid, and he goes to another school!"

At Bryant & Stratton College, it's all about helping people get the benefit of a college education to change their lives for the better...no matter where they go. Because of friendly admissions people like Kylee, now Jennifer AND her brother have college degrees.

Kylee McFadden & Jennifer White

When she was a senior in high school, Jen met Kylee on a campus visit.

Jen’s mom was skeptical and wasn’t sure if private colleges were worth the investment. Jen’s brother, Eric, had attended another career school and received no financial aid. Even worse, the school has misled the family about loans, what the school offered, and how much the financial burden was actually going to be.

Kylee reassured Jen and her family that wouldn’t be the case at Bryant & Stratton College. Jen would be given every bit of funding she was eligible for. Kylee spent a lot of time reviewing all of Jen’s paperwork with Financial Aid and even made the time to sit in on meetings with Jen and her mother.

It took some late nights for Kylee to make all the deadlines for Jen’s paperwork.

She worked feverishly to make sure no leaf was left unturned when it came to grant and scholarship options for Jen. Within no time an envelope arrived in the mailbox for Jen. She tore it open and was astonished. Not only was she going to be attending her top choice college, she was eligible for so much funding.

Thanks to Kylee, Jen’s financial experience was a lot different than her brother’s.

Now that Jen was taken care of, Kylee and the financial aid department offered to take a look at her brother’s financial aid. They wanted to see if he was eligible for any funding or scholarships as well, even though he didn’t attend Bryant & Stratton College. Needless to say, the White’s skepticism of private schools was quickly eroding and they were extremely happy with their experience at Bryant & Stratton College.

Happy Endings

Jen has started working on her degree at Bryant & Stratton College.

Jen and Kylee continue to stay in touch.

Turns out Eric was eligible for financial aid, after all.