Matt and Nicole

"Matt was always available to answer my questions.  The whole staff was very helpful."

At Bryant & Stratton College, we're
more concerned with helping our students than anything else.
Nicole understands that. It's
helping her to become the
graphic designer she always
dreamed of being.

Nicole Reyna & Matt Shay

Nicole had recently been laid-off from work. What she didn’t have was a college degree.

After four months of looking for a new job, Nicole decided it was time to try a different approach. She looked into Bryant & Stratton College and made the decision to go back to school and create her own opportunities.

She went into the process with aspiration of pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. However, when she visited the campus and learned more about their Graphic Design program, she shifted her plans and followed her dream of turning her favorite hobby into a career.

Matt immediately noticed Nicole’s enthusiasm and motivation and knew she would be a great fit at Bryant & Stratton College.

Matt worked in the Admissions department and met regularly with Nicole through her enrollment process. His outgoing personality and sense of humor put her at ease. She felt like he treated her like an equal, which made preparing for school easy, instead of intimidating. Their relationship soon evolved past a friendly "hello" in the hallway to a deeper friendship. Nicole knew she could turn to Matt with questions about anything, and could even share some of her anxious fears about returning to school with him. Matt always made the time to talk with Nicole and find her the answers to her questions, even if he didn’t have them.

Matt encouraged Nicole to continue to build a mini graphic design studio in her house.

Matt didn’t just see Nicole as another incoming student, he saw her as a motivated, talented person following her dream. He encouraged her to fully embrace the graphic design program and provided encouragement when she talked about setting up a studio in her house to work on projects. Nicole put together the studio, took a picture and brought it in to show Matt. She was so excited to embark on her college journey.

Happy Endings

Nicole and Matt continued to have a great professional relationship throughout her education at Bryant & Stratton College and she turned to him for advice while working on her degree.

Nicole graduated in August 2010 with her Graphic Design degree.