Paula and Justin
"When I found out I got that design job, I couldn't wait to tell Paula. Oh yeah, then I called Mom and Dad."

After spending the weekend helping Justin get his portfolio in tip-top shape for his interview, Paula wasn't surprised in the least when she got the call. At Bryant & Stratton College, we view your success, as our success.

Justin Manchester & Paula Annesi

Justin met Paula before he started college. In fact, Paula was part of the reason he chose Bryant & Stratton College.

One day, Paula visited Justin’s high school to give a presentation. The young student was blown away by her performance. Bryant & Stratton College was already on Justin’s radar and he was interested in their Graphic Design program. He also learned that the college was known for providing the skills and career backing needed to be successful in the real world. After watching her speak, Justin concluded that if he could be taught to present half as well as Paula then he’d be able to pursue his dream.

Justin and Paula formed a strong bond during his time at B&SC.

Throughout the past few years of working on his degree, Justin also became close to Paula. So when a job interview came up right before graduation, it was Paula whom Justin trusted to look over his resume and help him prepare. Together, they reviewed his portfolio and prepared for the tough questions he might get in the interview. Paula was always quick to remind Justin that even if he didn’t the job, the experience was what mattered and there would be more job opportunities down the road.

Fortunately, Justin landed a second interview. He immediately shared the good news with Paula and they sat down, once again, to discuss strategy for the next interview.

Paula suggested he add pieces to his portfolio that would target exactly what the company did.

If Justin could show that he could do the kind of work the agency specialized in and also share some innovative ideas, he’d be sure to get the job. Justin worked night and day over the weekend to create new pieces to present at his interview. Paula put her weekend on hold too so that she could be available to Justin when he needed her.

In the end, their hard work paid off. The design firm seemed to agree with Paula: hiring Justin was indeed a no-brainer.

Happy Endings

Justin graduated from Bryant & Stratton College.

He’s a designer at the agency he always wanted to work for.

He and Paula still keep in close contact.