If a red X appears beside Cookies, you must enable cookies then follow the directions below to enable cookies.

For Internet Explorer 8.0

Within an Internet Explorer (IE) browser window, navigate to the upper left area that looks like Figure 01.

Figure 01

Click on the Tools drop-down menu and select the Internet Options at the bottom of the menu. A window will popup that looks like Figure 02.

Figure 02

Within the popup window click on the Privacy tab. Adjust the slider on the top left to the option that says Medium.  The slider should be in the middle, as shown in Figure 03.

Figure 03

However, if you would like to keep your settings on a higher setting, please click the sites button and add http://angel.bryantstratton.edu into the “Address of Website” textbox and press the Allow button. When you’ve finished it should look similar to Figure 04.

Figure 04

For Firefox 3.5

Within a Firefox browser window navigate to the Tools menu and click on the “Options…” at the bottom of the dropdown menu, as in Figure 05, a window will popup that looks like Figure 06.

Figure 05

Figure 06

Within the popup window Click on the Privacy tab. About three-quarters of the way down the window there will be a 2 checkboxes that should be checked as in Figure 07.

Figure 07

Also be sure to leave the option next to “Keep Until:” on “They Expire”.