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Bridging the Skills Gap

A part of the Bryant & Stratton College Employability Series

About the Event

Unemployment rates for millennials continue to rise. At the same time, business leaders across the country are having difficulty filling mission-critical positions because candidates do not have the requisite skills demanded by employers. The Employability Summit brings together HR experts from some of the country’s biggest companies to uncover innovative workforce development strategies that will allow companies to better adapt to the changing employment landscape. Bryant & Stratton College will host panelists from

CareerBuilder, the HR Policy Association, ManpowerGroup and Mainstreet in an open forum to discuss:

  • Strategies companies are adopting to deal with the widening skills gap nationwide
  • The most valuable workplace skills employers are currently seeking
  • Ways students can effectively address skills deficits before they enter the workforce
  • Contributing factors to the skills gap and solutions to close it

Ann Cross
Ann Cross

President at The Sparrow Group

Dana Neiswander
Dana Neiswander

RPO Talent Solutions Consultant at ManpowerGroup

Dan Stordy
David Stordy

President at Mainstreet Health Solutions

Jamie Fall
Jaime Fall

Vice President at HR Policy Foundation

Rosemary Haefner
Rosemary Haefner

Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder

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