Take a Step into the Healthcare Arena with a Health Services Administration Degree

Do you want to go back to school, but just can’t decide on a degree? Are you looking for a degree in a new and exciting field that also offers growth potential? Bryant & Stratton College Online rolled out a new degree program for the fall 2010 semester: a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Services Administration.

The health services administration degree offers students the opportunity to gain a wide range of health-related knowledge and skills in the management sector of health services and facilities. The program is designed to prepare graduates to be ready to enter the medical industries in entry-level and assistant management positions. Hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, doctors’ offices, and insurance companies are all medical settings where graduates would be able to enter the industry and be successful.

What does a health services administrator do?

Often health services administrators are given various managerial tasks that include creating and implementing policy and procedures, hiring and supervising staff, controlling finances, and ordering supplies. This degree is designed to give graduates decision-making skills, critical thinking skills, and small group communications skills that will guide the graduate to success in the industry. Students are also given the opportunity to have real-world experiences through research opportunities and the capstone experience. Graduates will be able to take the lessons learned in class and through experiences and successfully apply them in their health care administration or management career.

Of course various factors are considered during the decision making process of choosing a degree, but two of the most common are the average income and job availability upon graduation. As the health care system in our country grows so will the demand for educated health services administrators.  The room for growth within the industry and average income are both substantial. The income within the health services industry can vary depending on the job, for example Account Executives (Home Care) can make anywhere from $51,938 – $62,219, Physicians Network Administrators have a salary range of $42,418-$53,482, and Clinical Administrator Supervisors' salary range is $47,852 – $64,320. These are just a few examples of the types of jobs found within the industry and the average income. The employment opportunities for graduates are likely to continue to grow as the demand grows in the health care industry.

It is proven that a college education does pay. On average people with a college degree have a lower unemployment rate and earn more than those who have a high school diploma or less. Graduate health services administrators will be able to apply the knowledge and skills obtained while working successfully in a managerial capacity. Students will be able to apply their learned legal and ethical principles in various health care organizations. Graduates can apply their group communication and leadership skills effectively throughout the industry. Lastly, graduates will be able to take real-world experience and life lessons learned and apply them to a variety of situations.

So if you are looking for a new career with room for growth and a respectable average income, I suggest you consider a career in health services administration.. As the health care industry expands at a rapid rate, the demand for well trained and educated graduates will only increase, and we don’t want you to be left on the outside looking in.

For more information on the Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Services Administration offered at Bryant & Stratton College, please visit https://www.bryantstratton.edu/degrees/bachelor-degrees/bs-health-services-administration

*Jobs and salary statistics for this post were taken from salary.com

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