The Ins and Outs of Transferring Credits at Bryant & Stratton College

Not happy with your current college? Want to transfer to a new alma mater? The process for transferring credits to Bryant & Stratton College can be easy and quick, with an entire staff at Bryant & Stratton dedicated to making that transition as smooth as possible.

"We like to be very transfer friendly for these students and we can have a very short turn around if they can provide us with a transcript," said Chris Gaiser, Bryant & Stratton College Online Dean of Student Services.

The registrar's office has one lucky employee who spends everyday, all day, evaluating transfer transcripts to insure that as many credits as possible are transferred in from the previous school. In fact, each campus has a registrar who works with transfer credit evaluations. An academic advisor then creates a schedule for the new student to help them reach their graduation goals as quickly as possible.

"We like students who come to us with transfer credits because they know this school is a good avenue and this is where they need to be to achieve the goals they have set for themselves," Gaiser said.

Gaiser said often transfer students have seen and experienced schools that are not helping them progress. Once they transfer to Bryant & Stratton those students are proactive and accelerate in the classroom because they are ready to finish their degree, and Bryant & Stratton is prepared to help them.

When college officials review a student's transcript, they look past the title of the class and instead, examine the outcomes of the course. Two classes at two schools that resulted in 80 percent of the same outcomes will transfer. Also, if a student transfers from a school operating on a quarter system, rather than a semester system, the class may not transfer fully.

"Sometimes we really have to calculate and evaluate and see if there is another course that contributed to the outcomes. That way we can bring two classes in for one," Gaines said. "We do have a really great policy that allows students to bring up to 75 percent of their program to transfer, which is really awesome," she said.