How to Be Successful in Class All Semester Long

Are you taking a class this fall? Is it the first time, in a long time, you have been in a classroom? Nervous? Take a deep breath. When you earn your degree with Bryant & Stratton College, there are safeguards in place to help you succeed. The college offers every student access to their professors, academic advisors, academic success coaches and tutors. And before class starts, read up on these five tips on how to be successful in class this semester.Bryant & Stratton College Student Lounge

  1. Review and set your schedule – This feels like a no-brainer. You’ve picked your classes, you know your work schedule and your kids’ activity schedule. But, did you actually write on your calendar when you will study? Or, when you will post in the discussion group? Write those items on the calendar, physically make time for them, and don’t just list them in a to-do pile that may or may not be finished. Donald Lando, Associate Dean of Student Services, said planning was key when he earned his advanced degree while being employed fulltime. “Working in that plan to complete certain activities within a certain course and building that schedule around the free time you have is really important,” he said. Lando suggested printing a calendar and posting it. It is easier to see how much free time you really have when the entire week’s activities are laid out rather than popping up on a tiny phone screen. 
  1. Organize your study space – If the space where you study is cluttered, your mind may become cluttered too. Most of us don’t have space for an office in our homes, but you don’t need a large space. Designate a small area to keep your books, notes and computer together so you are not searching every day before you study. Even if you set up a small, portable dinner tray in a corner of the room, and keep your books and notebooks here rather than spread all over the house. Let your family know this is your study area and it is important. 
  1. Build your support system – You are doing the classwork, but you are not going to school alone. Have a family discussion about schedules and how your classes will fit into the daily routine. You need their help to pitch in with chores, activities and give you quiet time to study. Make sure every member of your household, even the littlest, understand that study time is important and that their support is a key component of helping you earn your degree. 
  1. Ask Questions – Starting on the first day of class. If you don’t understand, ask. Lando said he finds that some students become frustrated the first week and by week two, they are already behind on assignments. “They can start out on the right foot by making sure that if they have any questions they ask right up front,” he said. Students can speak with their instructor or their academic advisor and academic success coach. “Don’t be afraid to build those relationships up front so when issues may arise you know where to go,” Lando said. 
  1. Let Yourself Enjoy the Experience – For many people, earning their degree is a dream you have worked hard to attain. Now, you are here. Allow yourself to enjoy it. When you are in class, make it class time, not listen-as-well-as-you-can-while-you-still-tend-to-the-family-time. Give yourself the opportunity to get to know your instructor and classmates. Your time in the classroom is where you are building the foundation for your career. You should allow yourself room to learn, grow and love what you are doing.