Overcoming Even the Most Difficult "Ands" In Life

Rosie Gourdine was building her home healthcare business. The mother of five, who children ranged in age from 23 to five, had just finished medical assisting school and was deciding her next step. Bryant & Stratton College recruiters called. And called. And called.FB-Rosie And after six months, Rosie decided this was the right move for her and her business. She enrolled in the associate degree in Medical Reimbursement and Coding and set her sights on graduation. Then, her mother died. And, her house burned down. And, she moved across country. But Rosie, was back in class the next day - after every single incident. "I alerted my instructors and everyone was helpful, but that didn't stop me," Rosie said. "They told me I could push my work back but I made sure my homework was done on time. "Life comes with all kinds of challenges. People kept telling me, 'I can't believe you are back in school, I would fall apart'. I said, 'Really? When you go to pieces and you are the leader in your household, what does that show your kids?'." Rosie was no stranger to managing difficult waters. Soon after her youngest son was born, her mother fell ill with cancer. Then, her mother-in-law fell into a coma and lost the use of both of her arms and legs when she awoke. For two years Rosie shuffled between Massachusetts and New Jersey, with a newborn in tow, to take care of the two ailing women. When her mother finally succumbed to the disease, she dismissed the sentiments of others that she needed to stop her own life too. "She suffered for five years. She went through chemo but I'm going to cry now? That's selfish," she said. When their home burned down, due to faulty wiring in the attic, Rosie and her family spent time in hotels and at various relatives' homes. She was constantly bouncing between internet connections and computers to complete her schoolwork. "It didn't stop me, I kept going," she said. Now, she has moved her family across country to Minnesota, where she grew up and where her parents operated their own construction and real estate firms. Being a small business owner is the life Rosie knows. She hopes to have her home healthcare business up and prospering there by the end of the year. "If you are determined you can make it happen," she said.