Chris Ostrander

Last Updated: 5/26/2017 8:00:00 PM

IT Job Titles and Roles

If you are exploring your career options, chances are you already know that information technology (IT) is a top-performing field in terms of job growth and income potential . So what sort of jobs can you expect to find in this sector? Here we've put together a list of some of the more popular IT job titles and roles.

Network Architects

Network architects, also called network engineers, design and build data communications networks, ranging from small inter-office networks to complex cloud infrastructure that serves a number of end-users. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median pay for these IT professionals in 2015 was $100,240 per year. Individuals interested in becoming a network architect will need a bachelor's degree and some experience in a related job, such as network administrator.

Network Administrators

Network administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of computer and data communications networks. They may also assist network architects in network design and analysis, and provide technical support to end users. Median pay for this job, according to BLS, is $77,810 per year, and prospective network administrators will need a networking technology degree for many jobs, but some employers hire candidates who have earned a post-secondary certificate or diploma in information technology.

Information Security Analysts

Security analysts are responsible for the planning and implementation of security measures to protect computer networks and systems. Demand for and responsibilities of these IT professionals is continually growing as the range and number of security issues expends every year. Median pay for security analysts is, according to BLS, $90,120 per year, and becoming one means earning a security technology degree.

Computer Systems Analysts

Systems analysts delve into an organization's computer systems and procedures to design solutions to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. BLS places median pay for this position at $85,800 per year, and an entry-level job as a systems analyst typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Database Administrators

Database administrators (DBAs) use specialty software to store and organize data. Examples of the data they are responsible for managing include financial information and shipping records on an organizations customers. They must keep that data available to authorized users and protected against unauthorized access. BLS figures show a median wage of $81,710 per year for this position, and entry-level jobs generally require a bachelor's degree.

Computer Support Specialists

Computer support specialists are responsible for providing support to individuals and organizations in their use of computer software and equipment. Sub-categories under this title include network support specialists, who aid IT employees within an organization, and computer user support specialists, who help non-IT users with computer issues. Annual median pay for this job is $51,470, according to BLS, and depending on the employer, entry level jobs may require a bachelor's or associate's degree or a post-secondary diploma or certificate.

So there's a sampling of common IT job titles and roles. You'll also run across some that are less common on some employment boards today – and sometimes rather amusing. These are information technology job titles that have evolved, usually in top tech companies , to reflect the quirky nature of those companies. For instance, Microsoft employs a Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence, an Innovation Sherpa and a Chief Envisioning Officer, AOL has a Digital Prophet, and Google employs an In-House Philosopher. We're not entirely sure what the qualifications are for these particular titles. However, one must assume they'll call for a solid IT education and some experience doing something in the IT field.

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