January 16, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Michelle Bliss '21

By B&SC Blog Team

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Michelle Bliss '21

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Michelle Bliss ’21

Program: Business

Campus: Albany

Bryant & Stratton College alumna Michelle Bliss started her education journey at the age of 45, when she chose to go back to school to earn her degree in business. Michelle knew that if she decided to take the leap and continue her education, she would have to find a college that was flexible and would allow her to continue working full time and caring for her family.

After completing a tour of the Albany campus, Michelle knew that Bryant & Stratton College was the college for her. Michelle said, “The atmosphere made you feel at home, and it always felt so personal. I was terrified of a large campus and never envisioned myself going back to school because of that, but at Bryant & Stratton College, I did not have to worry.”

During her college journey, Michelle completed an internship at The Bryce Companies in Troy, New York. The internship gave her the opportunity to apply the skills she was learning in her classes and gain hands-on experience in business. When she concluded her internship, she knew that this was the type of role and company that she would want to work in. Michelle said, “I knew that the job I ended up [with] was going to be where I would stay to retire,” and she kept that in mind after earning her degree.

When beginning her job search, Michelle worked with Career Services to look for opportunities that matched the position she was looking for. Career Services worked with her to rebuild her resume, build her LinkedIn profile, and practice her interviewing skills to help prepare for her job search. Although the process was lengthy due to the global pandemic, Michelle landed a job balancing books and completing other administrative tasks at a local coffee shop.

Michelle said, “I loved the job and the people I worked with at the coffee shop, but one day, I received a LinkedIn message with an offer that got my attention-an interview opportunity for an open position where I had completed my internship, at The Bryce Companies.”

She decided to meet with The Bryce Companies to see what the position entailed and if it would be the best move for her to make, as she enjoyed the position she was in and the individuals she was surrounded by at the coffee shop. After their conversation, Michelle interviewed for the position and accepted an offer as a property accountant.

Michelle manages tenant accounts, manages account payroll, takes business calls, and performs other crucial administrative work. Michelle said, “Without my experience at Bryant & Stratton College, I would not be where I am today. I learned computer skills, accounting, and other essential knowledge I needed to be successful in my job.”

Her goal is to move up the career ladder at The Bryce Companies and make her way to the top. Michelle credits her success to her instructors and said, “I have had numerous instructors that I couldn’t say enough about. They all took time out of their own schedules to help when I needed it, and that support extended past graduation.”

Michelle’s determination to meet her career goals has led her to where she is today. She said, “I put in the work and time, and I’m so proud of myself. There were times when I had self-doubt, especially because of my age, but I did it. It does not matter what age you are-the constant support from Bryant & Stratton College makes it possible.”

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