Accessibility Statement

Our Commitment to an Inclusive Information Technology Environment

Bryant & Stratton College is dedicated to fostering an inclusive information technology environment that ensures individuals with disabilities have equal access to the College’s programs and services. Our commitment is rooted in the values of fairness and inclusivity, recognizing that accessible websites not only benefit those with disabilities but also improve the overall usability and academic experience for all users. This Website Accessibility Policy outlines the measures the College will undertake to uphold our dedication to accessibility.


This Policy is applicable to all faculty, staff, and students involved in the procurement, design, development, modification, and maintenance of websites utilized for the College’s programs and activities. Additionally, faculty, staff, and students who oversee websites not directly affiliated with the College are strongly encouraged to adhere to the guidelines and standards set forth in this Policy.


Accessibility: This refers to how easily people with disabilities can independently and promptly access and interact with websites or web-based applications, sometimes requiring the use of assistive technologies. Represents the web domain, including all its subdomains.

Content: This encompasses all forms of information and experiences designed to be conveyed to users through a web interface, such as text, videos, images, documents, and the code or markup that structures, presents, and facilitates interaction with this content.

Site Owner: Refers to any member of the college community—be it staff, faculty, or student—or any external service provider hired by such individuals, responsible for managing a website associated with the college’s programs or activities.

Substantial Revision: This term describes significant changes to a website, such as switching to a new platform, overhauling the majority of its content, or other modifications that greatly affect the site’s design or usability.

College Website: Any website or web-based application that falls under the Bryant & Stratton College domain ( or is hosted by the college, supporting its programs or activities. This definition excludes independent sites not offering college programs, services, or activities, and those solely for employee use, even if linked from college websites.

Vendor: Refers to any person or company hired by college personnel or students to acquire, design, develop, alter, or maintain a website associated with the college.

WCAG: The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are a set of recommendations aimed at making online content accessible to people with disabilities or those who rely on assistive technologies

Accessibility Standards

In alignment with this Policy, Bryant & Stratton College commits to adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as established by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Furthermore, any future standards developed and adopted by the W3C will also be recognized and implemented as part of our Accessibility Standard.

Policy Statement

Bryant & Stratton College is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its College Websites for all users, including those with disabilities. This commitment is reflected in our website accessibility policy, which mandates the following:

Accessibility for New and Revised Content

New and Substantial Revisions: All new content or content that undergoes significant revision after the implementation of this policy must adhere to our Accessibility Standard. Site Owners responsible for College Websites, especially those updated or maintained by external vendors, must ensure that any new design, code, or content provided by these vendors complies with the Accessibility Standard at the time of contract initiation or renewal.

Accessibility for Existing Content

Gradual Compliance: Existing content that currently does not meet our Accessibility Standard will be progressively updated to comply.

Requests for Accessible Content: If a request for accessible content is made by or on behalf of an individual with a disability, the College is committed to providing the requested content in an accessible format.

Exceptions to the Accessibility Standard

Technical Feasibility: In cases where adhering to the Accessibility Standard is not technically feasible by significantly altering the nature of the content, Site Owners may seek an exemption.

Accessibility Support and Reporting

Reporting Accessibility Issues: We also provide a straightforward method for users to report any difficulties in accessing website content or functionality.

This policy underscores Bryant & Stratton College’s dedication to creating an inclusive and accessible digital environment for all users. We are committed to continuous improvement in this area and welcome feedback and reports from our community to help us achieve this goal.

Third Party Software Accessibility Statements

For detailed information regarding the accessibility of the following software applications used by Bryant & Stratton College, please refer to their respective accessibility statements:

Contact Us

If you encounter any barriers or challenges while navigating our website, we are here to help.

Please contact us with details of your experience, including the specific action you were trying to perform and the URL of the page where you encountered difficulty. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our website’s accessibility for everyone.

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