What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid Glossary

Financial aid at Bryant & Stratton College is secured with the guidance and assistance of our helpful financial aid staff. Our financial aid advisors will work with you to determine your eligibility for financial aid and how to best apply it to limit your out-of-pocket costs.

Financial Aid Department at Bryant & Stratton College

The financial aid department at Bryant & Stratton College offers a number of different financing options that include the use of FAFSA application for Federal Aid, the utilization of additional state funding grants, qualifying scholarships and also student loans.

By working with our financial aid advisors, students will have the opportunity to identify the financial aid options available to them in order to make an informed decision about how they will pay for college at Bryant & Stratton College. Each student’s financial aid advisor will guide them through each step of the process, including applying for financial aid, to ensure they are taking advantage of all financial aid resources available to them. 

The financial aid process at Bryant & Stratton College utilizes a number of different options that include the Federal Pell Grant, applicable state grants, scholarships, institutional grants (PDF), veterans’ aid, work study opportunities, and student loans. Students will need to complete the FAFSA application to determine their eligibility for qualifying financial aid options prior to enrolling in the College.

For a more detailed description of the cost of attendance, the financial aid process and the types of aid available to you, click here.