August 12, 2019

Many Kinds of Business Degrees – How to Choose the Best Major for Your Career

By B&SC Blog Team

Many Kinds of Business Degrees – How to Choose the Best Major for Your Career

From an AAS in Business to a BBA in General Management, there are several different types of business degrees that provide the education, skills, and training you need to be successful in the world of business, or to start your own company. Obtaining a business degree from Bryant & Stratton College will open the doors to professional opportunities, career advancement, and will help you maximize your lifetime earning potential.

Business Major Jobs for Both Types of Business Degree

In general, there are two types of business degrees: Associates and Bachelors. Here are examples of the types of careers you may pursue after receiving a degree from Bryant & Stratton’s business program. All median salary information and projected job growth through 2020 is provided by O*Net Online.

Career opportunities for graduates with an AAS in Business

First-Line Supervisors. There are a variety of roles for individuals interested in first line management positions. You can work in the food and beverage sector, retail, or production and manufacturing. In every case, the first-line supervisors take an active role in hiring and managing employees, scheduling, and making sure goods and services are produced according to current health safety standards. They also serve as the liaison between employees and upper management. In both the food service and retain sectors, first-line supervisors also work to ensure clients and customers have a satisfying experience. The median salaries vary according to industry.
Customer Service Representatives. As a customer service representative, it is your job to maintain customer satisfaction with your company’s products and services. In many cases, this job is performed via the phone and the internet, working with customers and conveying their comments and queries to managers, so the company can continually tailor products and services to meet the customers’ needs. In addition to educating the customers, customer service representatives also resolve complaints.

Career opportunities for graduates with a BBA in General Management:

Office Clerks. Office clerks perform a wide range of duties, depending on the type of business in which they are employed, including answering phones and email queries, administering correspondence, and ordering and keeping inventory of the office supplies. They may also be responsible for note-taking and transcription, as well as word processing.

First-Line Supervisors of Office Workers. In this position, employees wear a multitude of hats, from manager to customer service representative. In addition to working with HR to hire and train employees, you also work to facilitate employee relations, help the office to run efficiently, and may work directly with the public to increase customer satisfaction.

General Operations Managers. This position is also referred to as General Manager or Superintendent and encompasses a wide range of duties and responsibilities in both the public and private sectors. They are responsible for creating, implementing, and revising policies to ensure their company runs efficiently. They are in charge of creating budgets, purchasing, and are ultimately responsible for the company’s bottom line.

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