September 25, 2018

Tips For How To Pick Your Major

By B&SC Blog Team

Tips For How To Pick Your Major

College. Finally. You are here. You are ready. But, you have no idea what to major in. Study what you enjoy? Learn the job that will make you the most money? Enroll in the shortest degree program?

Brooke Urban, senior academic success coach for Bryant & Stratton Online, says first year students do not need to panic. Have no idea what you want to do? Take a career aptitude test. There are several versions available online, for free.

These tests ask you general questions regarding how interested you are in working with different items such as computer, food, animals; your interest in working with numbers versus people and how much you enjoy reading and writing. Many of the assessments not only help you narrow what you enjoy doing but what you are good at doing as well. The questionnaires are not a fool-proof way to pick the perfect job, but they can definitely help you narrow the field to a few choices. Check out these free quizzes:

Urban says most students arrive at campus with at least a general idea of what they would like to study. Another way to help narrow the job search, is to look at the job market.

“What is available in their area? What degree do they need to have to get that position,” she said.

Students who are not interested in moving from their current town should especially take the local job market into consideration. Find out what the local businesses are that interest you. And, if you’ve lived in an area your entire life, take a deeper look. You may think you know all the hotspots. But, a lot of small towns are home to some big businesses that the locals never notice right under their nose. Once you do choose that major, still do not panic. You are never locked in.

Urban said most first semester students take general education requirements that are required for every major as well as one class for their major.

“This way, they can get a look at what the major is about and if they want to switch they can after their first semester,” she said.

Still can’t decide? Thinking about taking several different courses for several different majors that first semester, just to get a good look around? Don’t. Urban said you will end up spending a lot of money for courses that will not transfer into your program. The most important factor in choosing a major? Pick something you like to do.

“It is definitely important to find something you have interest in and/or are passionate about. I am horrible in math, so studying accounting wouldn’t be a good choice for me. I am a people person, so I like to work with people. Picking a career or major where I would be working alone would not be a good fit. So it is very important to get to know yourself and thinking about what fits your personality and your drive,” she said.

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