May 27, 2022

What Can I do with a Human Services Degree?

By B&SC Blog Team

What Can I do with a Human Services Degree?

There are many degree programs that will pigeonhole you into a specific career path, ultimately leaving you with little or no flexibility as to how to apply your degree. A human & social services degree is different. It gives you the ability to pursue many career opportunities across a variety of industries, allowing you to discover a job that aligns with your interests and passions. This degree program affords you a quality of life that can be harder to find with other degree programs that focus on a fixed outcome.

Human Services Career Pathways

Once you have earned a degree in human & social services, you will find that a variety of human services career pathways and professions can open themselves to you, including:

?Counseling and Mental Health Services-The need for experienced counselors and mental health professionals has increased significantly in recent years, particularly as people have started to recognize the important role that mental health plays in overall well-being and as many people of all age groups have navigated through crisis together. Graduates of the Human & Social Services degree at Bryant & Stratton College will be capable of filling roles that support and assist human service professionals such as social workers, case managers, and counselors, mental health providers. Job requirements will vary based on the position and setting, so be sure to check if additional education is required in order to be eligible.

?Early Childhood Development-Studies have shown that the first five years of a child’s development have a significant impact on their overall well-being throughout their adult lives. If you are interested in working with young children and advocating for their needs, then a human & social services degree may be the best choice for you.

?Family and Community Services-Another career pathway that you may choose after graduating with a human services degree is family and community services. This pathway often focuses on social services and community outreach efforts to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need. If you are passionate about equity and advocacy, this may be the ideal pathway for you.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Human Services Degree?

The career possibilities are endless when you have a human & social services bachelor’s degree. These are a few jobs that may interest you after graduation:

?Case Manager-A case manager often works closely with psychologists, social workers and other authorized professionals who are attempting to rehabilitate, assist or help an individual with personal needs. If you consider yourself to be an empathetic person who is driven to help others succeed, then this could be the right career choice for you. Case managers work in a variety of professional settings, including clinical offices, palliative care, or government offices.

?Advocate-An advocate is a professional in the social services sector who works to represent clients and fight for access to the resources that they need. Working as an advocate can be a very rewarding job, as you often see concrete results when your patients or clients finally accomplish their goals. If you are a confident person who is self-motivated and ready to help others, then you may be well-suited to a position as an advocate. An advocate may work in a variety of settings, including in a legal office, a hospital setting, or a mental health facility.

?Community Outreach Worker-According to MHA Online, a community outreach worker is one of the most popular jobs for graduates who earn a human & social services degree. Community outreach workers are social services professionals who often work in the field in an attempt to make sure everyone in a designated community has access to the resources they need to thrive physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. If you enjoy networking with other professionals and working directly in the community, then this could be a viable career option for you.

?Social and Human Service Assistant– A social and human service assistant works under the supervision of professionals, such as social workers, psychologists or program directors. They help identify the needs of individual clients or groups by locating and providing services to fill those needs. Following this career path after completing your bachelor’s in human services would give you the initial field work and experience necessary before pursuing a master’s degree.

While a bachelor’s degree opens many career paths in the human services sector, completing a master’s program or further certifications can be required or preferred for the following careers. It is important to note that these careers require additional education beyond the degrees offered by Bryant & Stratton College:

?Social Worker-Working directly with individuals, a social worker finds the help, resources and assistance they need to solve the healthcare, housing and subsistence issues that can affect people in every circumstance. Social workers apply their skills in a variety of settings, including in schools, hospitals, and mental health facilities. They also may provide in-home service through a municipal health department. If you are a caring and empathetic individual who is passionate about serving the community, you may be well-suited to a career in social work.

?Substance Abuse Counselor-A substance abuse counselor works with individuals who struggle with addiction and substance abuse. A substance abuse counselor may work in a clinical setting, or they may work in a rehabilitation center to directly help patients who are working toward long-term sobriety. You should have an open mind and a compassionate heart if you choose this career path, as it often takes patience and understanding to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Human Services Career Outlook

If you graduate with a human & social services degree, you can look forward to a promising career outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the human and social services field is expected to grow by about 17 percent in the next decade, driven largely by the increased need for mental health services for people of all ages. This is a faster than average rate for most career fields in the country, which allows you to feel confident knowing that you will be able to find a job in your chosen field. The annual median salary for someone in the human and social services field ranges, so your actual salary will vary based on the position that you take.

Start Your Human & Social Services Journey Today

Whether you want to work with young children who need access to additional resources, or you are interested in advocating for mental health, you will find that working in the human services field is both personally and professionally rewarding. At Bryant & Stratton College, we offer a human & social services bachelor’s degree program that uniquely prepares you for life after graduation. Our career-focused educational approach ensures that you have both the knowledge and skills that you need to kick-start the career of your choosing.

For more information about the human & social services bachelor degree program, contact us today.

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