June 1, 2016

Bryant & Stratton College Launches Career LifePrep™

By B&SC News Team

Bryant & Stratton College Launches Career LifePrep™

Bryant & Stratton College is taking a bold step today towards preparing graduates for their careers and life pursuits. Through the launch of Career LifePrep™, a unique set of experiences offered exclusively by Bryant & Stratton College that helps prepare students at every step in their academic journey, both while in school and after graduation, the college will offer a distinct advantage over other career and community colleges.

“For the first time, we are able to encapsulate the power of our difference through the launch of Career LifePrep,” said Francis J. Felser, President and CEO at Bryant & Stratton College. “No other college offers the breadth of education and preparation that we do – both as a whole as well as individually by component. Talking about it in this way captures not just one piece of what we do, but rather our entire mission of offering personalized career education and experience leading to a high demand profession so graduates are prepared for their career and life pursuits.”

Helping students achieve a fulfilling profession and life

Career LifePrep helps students achieve not only a high demand profession and the skills to advance in a career, but equally as important, a more fulfilling life. Within the Career LifePrep experience are four key components: Career LifePrep Path, Pro, Plus and Team.

“Through Career LifePrep, we assist students in finding their chosen career path with the greatest chance to succeed,” said Felser. “We work with each student to determine which careers they are best fit for, how ready they are for that career, and how that student learns most effectively.  Then we will help each student map out the quickest, most direct path to that career. With a dedicated team of associates, especially faculty, to support and help them navigate the plan, students will experience what their chosen career is like while they are still in college, developing skills and confidence, and creating a competitive advantage when they graduate. And we assist graduates in preparing for all of life’s pursuits, both in college and beyond.”

Journey begins with helping students discover their path

Prospective students begin their journey with Career LifePrep Path, a one-on-one consultation to determine their interests, skills and competencies. This meeting also includes an assessment of their present life situation, as well as an evaluation of current and future job opportunities to determine their best career direction and the most appropriate academic path. Bryant & Stratton College will then work with them so they fully understand their net investment, while the college’s financial services advisors help them navigate the ins and outs of financial aid, scholarships, grants and funding.

Benefits in the classroom and beyond

In the classroom, through Career LifePrep Pro Bryant & Stratton teaches those extra skills employers are looking for like the ability to problem solve, collaborate and manage time. They are not only woven into the fabric of everyday curriculum, but are also delivered in specific classes. From day one, students participate in a series of interrelated courses that have been developed and standardized by a team of subject matter experts to provide a competitive advantage in the workplace. Bryant & Stratton also provide campus students with internship opportunities and help all students establish a network of professional contacts so they become marketable and successful professionals in their chosen fields.

Outside of the classroom, students benefit from Career LifePrep Team, a group of caring and compassionate associates designed to help them face all that life throws at them. Whether these industry professionals come from admissions, financial aid, career services or academics, each and every one of them is dedicated to helping students discover possibilities, navigate the academic process and find their way to a fulfilling job and life beyond the classroom.

When it comes to alumni, unlike many colleges, Bryant & Stratton is dedicated to providing ongoing support long after graduation. With Career LifePrep Plus, alumni can come back at any time for help with job searches, interviewing, networking and affordable continuing education. That way, no matter what graduates encounter in life, they can count on Bryant & Stratton to see them through.

Bryant & Stratton unique in its holistic approach

“Most career colleges offer at least one of our components – help choosing a career, financial aid guidance, real world experience, hard and soft skills, help with job searches, a dedicated team of navigators – but we have not found one that offers all of them,” said Felser. “Bryant & Stratton College is dedicated to providing a personalized career education and experience leading to a high demand profession as well as a more fulfilling life. It is this holistic dedication brought to life through Career LifePrep that differentiates Bryant & Stratton College from other career colleges and community colleges.”

Career LifePrep officially launches on June 1, 2016. For more information, visit www.bryantstratton.edu/career-life-prep.


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