December 8, 2020

Build Your Career. Start Today.

By B&SC Blog Team

Build Your Career. Start Today.

Don’t wait until graduation to start preparing yourself for a career change or advancement. Start taking small steps while you are still in school. This will better prepare you and can help build your career more effectively after graduation. Here are a few actions to consider that can help make you more desirable in a tough job market:

Research what you can do with your degree. As a Bryant & Stratton College student, you have access to a number of research and information databases that are not free to the public. While you are a student, take advantage of this access. Use the Virtual Library outside of your classwork. Research articles on job advancement, different positions requiring your degree, and labor statistics and data in your area.

Build a resume. If you haven’t already, start building your resume. Adding to an existing one after graduation is quicker than designing one from scratch. Take advantage of the Career Services Department and your Career Management Seminar to perfect resume building. The Optimal Resume program available to Bryant & Stratton College students is the perfect place to create and store a developing resume.

Add more to your resume. Consider seeking out supplemental experience to enhance your resume. Volunteer at a local organization, research professional groups or societies online, or look into certifications that will improve your marketability. Talk to successful people or employers in your field and ask them what they look for in potential employees.

Practice Interviewing. Ask a friend to go over a mock interview with you. Have them ask you questions that you are not expecting and did not prepare for beforehand. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will be!

Work hard to achieve good grades. Making Dean’s List or qualifying for the Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society looks excellent on a resume. In a tough economy, these small steps can add value to your degree. Don’t wait until graduation to start thinking about your career and how to be successful in it!

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