April 23, 2019

Six reasons Career LifePrep® from Bryant & Stratton College can get you on the right path

By B&SC Blog Team

Six reasons Career LifePrep® from Bryant & Stratton College can get you on the right path

You’ve heard of the Fantastic Four. Maybe even the Fab Five. Now it’s time for the Super Six. That is, the Six Reasons Bryant & Stratton College’s Career LifePrep® can get you on the path to a better life. It doesn’t require any special powers. Just the desire and determination to make your world better, starting with an evaluation of how things are now and a plan for greater things ahead.

At Bryant & Stratton College, we see life as a series of &’s. And we know it practically takes a superhero to do it all, managing your time & your job(s) & your family. With a degree from us and the added support of Career LifePrep®, you’ll be able to balance things better and be prepared to take on all the &’s in life, starting with an exciting new career or new opportunity in your current field. From mapping your career path to landing internships and tapping into the knowledge and resources of Bryant & Stratton College every step of the way. Unless, of course, you can fly. And, even then, we’ll even be there with you too. So let’s meet the Super Six.

Reason 1 – Your Career Life Prep® experience starts with a personal consultation to determine the best direction for your education based on your specific interests and skills. All with a constant eye on current and emerging career opportunities that are a good fit for you, personally and professionally.

Reason 2 – There’s career planning and there’s education funding. With Career LifePrep®, we work with you to create a plan to achieve your goals and fund your future. You’ll even be connected with financial aid advisors so you can truly understand your investment and determine the best way forward for your education funding.

Reason 3 – To support you at every step on your academic path, we surround you from day one with a team of industry professionals from admissions, financial aid, career services and academics. Every one of these top professionals is dedicated to helping you discover the possibilities, navigate the academic process and chart your course to a rewarding job and a fulfilling future. And help you navigate all your &s along the way.

Reason 4 – This is where Career LifePrep® does equip you with certain special powers. To make you more employable and marketable, you’ll learn extra skills employers are looking for – such as problem-solving, collaboration and communication.

Reason 5 – Not everyone can knock down doors with a single punch. So Career LifePrep® prepares you to get your foot in the door of employers. You’ll receive assistance in establishing a network of professional contacts and get real-world experience through internships or online capstone courses in your field of study.

Reason 6 – You don’t have to go to infinity and beyond, but you will have to be ready for life after graduation – no matter what &s in life you encounter. And no matter how long ago you graduated, Career LifePrep® provides ongoing support. Alumni can reconnect at any time for help with job searches, interviewing, networking and affordable continuing education.

So there you have it. Six super reasons to make Career LifePrep® your launching pad to a super future. You may not save the world. But you’ll be ready to take it on and pursue a career that will make your world a better place.

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