December 22, 2020

Which Academic Program Is Right For You

By B&SC Blog Team

Which Academic Program Is Right For You

So, you’ve made the decision to further your education. Congratulations! Enrolling in college will benefit you in many ways, and can further enhance your career and experience. Though you may already have a field of study in mind, it is equally important to determine which degree program will align with your professional and academic goals.

Student at Bryant & Stratton College currently have three levels of academic programs to choose from; diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor’s degree programs. Many of these programs are “stackable”, meaning that students have the opportunity to work their way up from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree in certain corresponding programs. For example, you could begin your education with the Business Assistant diploma program, continue on with the Business associate degree before taking the bachelor’s in business administration, General Management degree program.

Our unique, stackable system allows students to transfer credits through each of the programs as well. That means you won’t find yourself repeating the same classes as you progress to higher degree levels.

Following a stackable path isn’t a requirement but simply an option for students who don’t wish to jump right into a degree program. Each of the academic programs at Bryant & Stratton College offer a number of benefits that are suited for almost any learning style.

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs at Bryant & Stratton College consist of 36 credits and are a great option for students looking to explore a certain field or achieve a certification in a shorter amount of time. Many individuals will pursue this program level first, and then transition to a higher-level degree program once complete. In addition to required liberal arts courses, students will participate in courses that introduce them to their program, and further develop their understanding of their chosen line of work. A diploma program is a great way to show employers that you are committing to a career in your field and have some educational experience within it. Upon completing this program, many students are qualified for entry-level positions that are of interest to them and may even go on to achieve their associate or bachelor’s degree with us. Take a look at all of the diploma programs that we offer here.

Explore the diplomas offered by Bryant & Stratton College

Associate Degrees

An associate degree from Bryant & Stratton College will be a 60-credit degree program that serves to provide graduates with further knowledge within their field. Students are required to take liberal arts classes, which are followed by intro courses that prepare them for a higher-level curriculum. Degrees with a corresponding diploma program will share a number of liberal arts classes but will feature a more in-depth curriculum in terms of major courses. An associate degree program is a tangible way to establish credibility in an industry and learn more information about a subject that aligns with their long-term educational goals. Students often aim to complete the associate’s program, and then move onto achieve their bachelor’s degree, as many of the existing credits can translate directly into the same program, or one that is similar. Take a look at all of the Associate Programs that we offer here.

Discover all of Bryant & Stratton College’s associate degrees

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees at Bryant & Stratton College are 120-credit programs which produce graduates who are confident in their field of interest, and plan to build a long-term career within it. Like the diploma and associate degree programs, Bryant & Stratton College bachelor’s degree programs feature a mix of liberal arts and major courses which further develop essential skills for the industry. The bachelor’s degree curriculum explores broader lessons while simultaneously preparing students for encountering specific and higher-level topics. Students often transition to bachelor’s degrees from related associate degree and diploma programs, a path that sees many liberal arts and major courses covered by transfer credits from those programs. That leaves the student to consume the most comprehensive aspects of the degree and career path they’re pursuing.

Learn more about bachelor’s degrees at Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton College recommends that students conduct a local job search in their area, to determine which degree program best satisfies employment requirements in your desired field and occupation. Each program will take you one step closer to your academic and professional goal.

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