December 2, 2020

Tips to be Successful During the Holidays

By B&SC Blog Team

Tips to be Successful During the Holidays

Between shopping, traveling to see family, parties, gift giving, cooking and anything else you can think of, the holidays are a crazy time. It’s hard enough to juggle everything without taking coursework and studying into account. But fear not! We have some helpful tips to use in order to effectively juggle holiday stress.

1. Get organized!

Making a “to-do list” of your assignments and holiday tasks can help you gauge what needs to be completed. Taking a few minutes to sit down and decide when you will be able to bake cookies and post in discussion can help set the tone for a productive holiday season!

We recommend using your course tracking calendar to plan ahead when creating your holiday study plan. Check your student email once a day for updates or reminders from your instructors or advisor. Don’t forget to plan breaks to prevent burnout and becoming overwhelmed.

2. Manage your time!

When creating your to-do list be sure to include the deadlines for each assignment so you can prioritize and complete assignments in a timely manner. Weeks 2-7 run Sunday through Saturday which means you have 168 hours each week to complete your assignments while we recommend spending 10-20 hours per week on assignments depending on your caseload. If you have a routine try your best to stick to it. For example, if you work best in the mornings schedule your study time early in the day leaving evenings for relaxing and family time. Set reminders on your cell phone, purchase a planner or print a calendar template and time block your days to help you stay on track.

*Block Time Out- a type of scheduling that can help you to better manage your time. Instead of working by the clock, you can focus on finishing big and small tasks one at a time. This helps limit distractions, complete responsibilities faster and leave you feeling accomplished.

3. Start today!

What can you do today to jump start this process? If you use an hour of today to finish your assignments early in the week or while your turkey is in the oven, it’ll give you more time for shopping, travel and deciding what tasty dessert to make your family.

If you are traveling and plan to work on schoolwork away from home, be sure to verify you will have computer and internet access. Don’t forget you can also download the blackboard app on your cell phone or tablet for easy access. If you need any materials such as a textbook, be sure to pack these with your holiday outfits!

4. Contact your instructors and advisor!

Your instructors and advisor understand because they are also prepping for the holidays! If you are struggling with an assignment or have questions on a deadline don’t hesitate to reach out. They are here to help you!

5. Enjoy the holidays!

Once you finish your assignments you will be able to have fun and enjoy the holidays even more because you aren’t worried about posting in discussion or submitting an assignment before the deadline. Relax, you made it through the holidays and stayed on track in class! Take this time to look forward to a new year of new beginnings and set new goals.

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