December 8, 2020

Live, Laugh, Do Well in Class

By B&SC Blog Team

Live, Laugh, Do Well in Class

Want to do well in class? Dr. Jeff Fruendt suggests you laugh more, and get to know your classmates.

The science and biology instructor said Bryant & Stratton College’s classes are designed to promote interaction between students and instructors. Classes are smaller and instructors are available outside of instruction time. It’s all meant to give students a friendly environment to learn in.

“Students are not lost here,” Fruendt said. “Your teacher does know your name and does know you. I have found it to be an exceptionally warm and social place for these students.”

Fruendt said the ability to socialize with classmates and feel a part of the class is one of the keys to Bryant & Stratton’s successes.

“They feel comfortable here so they feel comfortable taking advantage of all that we have to offer,” Fruendt said.

As an instructor, Fruendt said he often views his students through the lens of a parent.

“I remember watching my daughter grow up and some of the social challenges she faced and the challenges of studying and I look at my students in the same light,” he said. “They are facing those same ups and downs and if they need to talk I try to reach out to them and help pull them in.”

The mix of traditional students arriving shortly after high school graduation and older students who come mid-career also helps to foster friendships among classmates, Fruendt said.

“They each have a lot of skills to offer each other. There is a symbiotic relationship going on and I think that is unique,” he said.

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