December 22, 2020

Tim Wilcox Thrives on His Student's Success

By B&SC Blog Team

Tim Wilcox Thrives on His Student's Success

For Tim Wilcox, liberal arts academic program director at Bryant & Stratton College, the most rewarding part of his day is watching his students evolve.

He teaches both the very first communications classes a student enrolls in and some of the very last they will take before graduation. The space between, Wilcox says, is where they flourish and shine.

“That is the fun thing about teaching first semester classes and end of career classes. We see a huge evolution in the students’ growth. When I first get them they are pretty green. When they come back to me in English 202 it is fun to see how much they’ve grown as a learner and as a person,” he said. “They’re whole professional presentation is completely changed and evolved. That’s really exciting,”

Part of that professional development comes from the one-one-one relationships that students and instructors can build at Bryant & Stratton where the small classroom size allows for more discussions, more questions and more interaction.

“It’s all about building relationships with students,” Wilcox said.

As a communications instructor Wilcox often sees into the student’s lives through their writing, giving him an even better understanding of the challenges they often face.

“I’m always amazed at the challenges they’ve overcome in their lives,” Wilcox said. “It’s always a learning experience for me as much as it is for them. I like building those relationships and helping them get where they need to be to grow and succeed.”

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