November 9, 2017

Start your Information Technology Career Today

By B&SC Blog Team

Start your Information Technology Career Today

Technology related jobs are often considered to be only a “young person’s” game. While there is some truth to the under-lying preference for younger workers in at tech companies, there are still plenty of opportunities for older adults interested in IT security training or earning a computer networking degree.

If you are passionate about technology, love to learn and don’t mind working your way up, a career in technology could be a good fit. Too often older adults are scared off from the field because they are intimidated by competing with younger colleagues or unsure of their ability to learn new technology. But, older adults have advantages over the newest generation of employees. If you are thinking about changing careers into a tech field, here are a few ideas to take under consideration.

Never stop learning

If an older worker loves to learn new things, then technology is a great fit. New developments are taking place in technology all the time, which means tech professionals need to be constantly learning. Workers who are older need to keep their skills fresh, especially as younger employees who are “natives” of the new technology rise up into the workforce. These younger people may even be a good resource. When considering earning a computer networking degree, asking for help from younger classmates is a great way to kickoff a lifetime of learning.

Greater work experience

While older workers will have to compete with younger employees for jobs, they can use their work history to their advantage. Older workers have been in the workplace longer so often understand how an office works. Companies can benefit from an older employees knowledge on project management best practices or efficiencies. Experienced workers should be careful to not act entitled, as this may give employers or hiring managers the idea that the person is overqualified for the job.

Superior soft skills

In addition to more experience, older works often have had a longer time to develop the soft skills employers demand today. Critical thinking, creative problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills are characteristics many employers search for in a new hire. Older adults can leverage these soft skills to make the case for being hired or getting a promotion. A good first step for anyone looking to change careers and get into a tech field is to earn a degree.

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