Placement Instructions

In order to be given your first semester schedule, you will need to take your placements assessments for Math and English. The outcomes of the assessments do not impact your acceptance into Bryant & Stratton College. They are just a required step to identify the courses you will be enrolled into so that you will be successful in the pursuit of your degree.

Please note that you will NOT receive a schedule until after these assessments have been completed. It is extremely important to complete these in a timely manner. Depending on your score, you may be placed into pre-college courses which will extend your program by one to two courses.

Pre-college courses are designed to help prepare you to be successful in college-level courses. Because they are not college-level, even though these courses are assigned credits, those credits do not count towards the completion of your degree program. Once you successfully pass your pre-college courses, you will take the college-level course of that same subject, which does earn credit towards your degree.

Yes, your financial aid can be used towards the cost of the pre-college courses.

No, you cannot fail these assessments. The scores are just used to determine which classes for which you will be registered.

If you do not take the assessments, you will not be given a schedule and you will not be enrolled in Bryant & Stratton College. Once you take your assessments (and your transfer credits are received if you have any) we will create a schedule for you.

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