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How Do I Apply?

The admissions process at Bryant & Stratton College is quick and easy. It all starts with a simple, free application that will allow our admissions team to determine which program is right for you. Students can go to their nearest campus to apply at Bryant & Stratton College or you can apply online to get started today.

Entrance Qualifications

Bryant & Stratton College seeks students who desire practical career preparation in selected fields of study and have the ability to achieve academic success.

Prospective students must demonstrate a teachable foundation for higher education, such as a high school diploma or equivalency diploma (GED). In some cases, students who show an ability to benefit from a post-secondary education as defined by US federal regulations may be admitted at select locations.  For building based students, certification of high school diploma, or GED or that he/she has completed secondary school through an approved homeschooling program is done on the Federal Application For Student Aid (FAFSA).  Online students, nursing students and baccalaureate students are conditionally accepted until verification of high school graduation.  Online students may not be admitted as ability to benefit (ATB) students.

In addition, all building-based students and online learners accepted for enrollment at Bryant & Stratton College will be subject to course and/or program evaluations.  Students may be scheduled in pre-college courses based upon their placement evaluation scores and past academic history.

Entrance Interview/Tour

We strongly encourage all prospective students to visit their local Bryant & Stratton College campus for a guided tour and personal interview with an admissions representative. This usually takes less than an hour and helps students adjust to their new school and surroundings. Admissions representatives are available on campus during normal school hours, including days, evenings and Saturday mornings (excluding school vacations and holidays). Please contact your local admissions representative to schedule your personal interview/tour.

Credit By Examination

Although Bryant & Stratton College does not grant credit for life experience, the College does recognize that students possess life experiences. Consequently, the College offers the opportunity to attempt Proficiency Examinations in selected courses.